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I’ve created this Web site as a source of inspiration for you who want:

– to improve your personal development

– to boost your health and wellness

– to leverage the quality of your life in general.

As a personal Counsellor and coach, I know that whatever you want, whatever you dream of, there is always a way to achieve it! Yours!
You were born with all the wisdom you need to achieve your dreams. All you may additionally need, is to see and then turn yourself towards the direction you want. Perhaps you have it all, and just need to recognize it. Some of you may need to work a bit more on yourself, and look closer to your deepest goals. Maybe you need more clarity on your goals. Some others, may just need a small push to start getting what you were ready for.

I strongly believe that it is your responsibility to replace any behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, skills, that you no longer need, that no longer serve you, with more powerful ones, according to who you want to be today

About me

Dr. Katherine Athanasiou

Systemic Counselling, Coaching & Training.

My wish for you is to find all the inspiration and motivation you need to move vigorously and decisively your life to the next level. To make the choices you want, aligned with your own needs and desires.
My mission is to support, inspire and open new windows of opportunities, to as many people as possible, without borders and limits, to help them improve their quality of life, their health, wellness, mental balance and to help them live in harmony with their environment.
My goal is to support those who want to improve their everyday living, in personal, professional and family life. To find new ways to improve their health and relationship with themselves and the “significant others” around them. To support them on taking the next step up in their life.

If you won’t help yourself, then who you’ll expect to do it for you?”

The first decision you need to take is: “I want to help myself to change something.”

The second decision, is to realize what you want and where you want to go.

You, yourself! None therapist, coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, friend, parent, should do it for you.

On your way, you will find a lot of support. But the decisions must be yours.

I am here to support you all the way down, on every path you will choose. I will be your supporter, on

understanding what you want, why you want it, how to accomplish it and how to keep on track.

“If you had all the support you need, if there were zero chances to fail in your life, what is it, that really really, deep inside you, you would like to achieve?”

I am here to support your next step Up! To enlighten your paths. To open windows that you may haven’t seen before, by now. To through away beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you. To help you open new windows in the world, and see new possibilities for yourself. And then, anything can happen ….

I am here, 100% committed to you. To support you. To inspire you. Together we will design your own path to success. I strongly believe, that anything you want, or you wish for, there is always a way to achieve it. Yours!


Brief CV

Dr. Katerina Athanasiou works as a Systemic Counsellor, Therapist and Coach for individuals, groups, and organizations. She designs and conducts special theme seminars in areas such as effective team communication, people empowerment for managers and leaders, Systemic Intervention in businesses, wellbeing, self-development and growth, for both individuals and corporates.


Katerina Athanasiou is currently working as a Systemic Counsellor and Therapist. She also works in vocational training and skills development. She has a long experience as a trainer in children social skills development. She has conducted numerous seminars for teachers, managers, and entrepreneurs in the education field. In 2004, she founded the first Enrichment Education center in Greece, introducing the pioneering enrichment education program FasTrackids in the Greek and Cypriot market (2004-2015).

She is a founding member of KE.SY.THE.S. (Center for Systemic Therapy and Counseling), an accredited member of EFTA (European Family Therapist Association). She has served as a Chairman, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the ABH- Medical group. She has also served under the role of HR consulting and marketing co-ordinator. She holds a PhD in Strategic Planning & Policy from the University of Aegean, a Masters degree in Marketing Management (MA Middlesex University Business School of London) and a bachelor degree in Business Administration (TEI of Larisa). She also holds a diploma as a Systemic Counsellor and Family Therapist (5 years) under the Systemic Counselling & Therapy (Society for Systemic Therapy and Human Systems Intervention) and a diploma in Appreciative Inquiry Techniques for Organizations, Leadership and Training (Center of Systemic Counselling and Kensington Consultation Centre London).
Katerina, in her work, applies the “Brief Solution Focus Therapy” approach combined with other tools from the field of Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry and Systemic Coaching. She strongly believes that positive change and self -improvement is something that anyone can achieve and is the only way forward for a successful life.

More recently, her expertise expanded to include the field of health and wellness, offering inspiration and support to those that want to achieve health & wellness goals, such as higher levels of energy, through a systemic holistic approach.

Every organization or business entity, consist of human systems. The wellbeing of each member, is essential to the wellbeing and sustainability of the total organization, as are healthy cells to a healthy body. Under a systemic approach, viewing oneself as a whole system, including the three essential elements, body-mind-soul, enables him to embrace and guide feelings, thoughts and actions in daily performance. Change is inevitable. Positive change is a choice.


Μy Philosophy

One-self is a human system. Under the systemic approach, the human system, consists of organic parts (brain – mind – body), but also our emotional and spiritual world. In addition, it includes the inter-relations between these elements. How we function is a result of biological correlations, but also influenced by the way we think. Systemic thinking, values additionally to the organic level, the relationships we form with people around us, as well as with ourselves.

Negative emotions and thoughts, bad nutrition and lack of understanding of our real needs, can cause malfunctions, often expressed as a disease in the body.
To feel well, starts from inside.

Start feeling moments of happiness and gratitude and gradually fulfillment will be extended to all aspects of our lives.

Examining our daily habits with honesty will lead us on where and what to change. One small change will bring another and will gradually realize that a big shift has happened. As we become more and more healthy and happy, we contribute to the whole happiness and better health, eventually of the whole world.

How is the relationship with yourself?
How is your relationship with the significant others (parents, partner, children, friends, etc.)?

What kind of relationships you want to have with those around you?

How can you achieve the optimal balance between your personal life, work and good health?


My big personal WHY?

After years of studying and working in various professional areas of human development, I realized that my intention on everything I was doing, was to help people move forward, to achieve more in their lives. I was touched by every idea, story or action that has a positive impact on peoples’ well-being and on our environment. I  was motivated by everything that makes our world a little better place.

I’ m being inspired by people who want to make a difference in their lives. Who touch and enhance others’ lives. I become “unstoppable” when I contribute to a child’s smile. When I inspire a happy face. When I offer joy and relief to those around me.

I ‘ve realized that freedom and independence are important values for me. Thus, the best way to enjoy my own freedom is by helping other people enjoying their own freedom. The freedom to make their dreams become true. To be free from any obstacles from the past, which prevent them to live the life they want. The freedom of choice. The freedom through conscious commitments that you choose for yourself.

“Stand Up! Step Up! Reinvent Yourself! Boost your business©”!

“Make your next step. Small or large, it will be your step leading you where you really want to go.



  • Personal Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions
  • Team Counselling / Workshops
  • Business Seminars & Training
  • Business Counselling
  • Retreats
  • Online Counselling via Skype
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